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> Can someone suggest a method for how to creating a series of patches
> for submission to a project?
> For example, I want to add feature A and a new command B to use
> feature A. So a patch series might be:
> 1. add base code for feature A
> 2. modify existing commands to handle existence of feature A
> 3. move common code to a 'utility' file
> 4. add new command
> How then do I create a patch series and submit them in order with the
> 'cover' email showing the summary of the new feature and command?

Use `git format-patch` and/or `git send-email`.

Also note that rebasing is helpful when preparing a patch series for
sending upstream.
First, before extracting the patchset you should fetch the latest
changes from the whatever upstream branch you're preparing your
patches against and rebase your branch on top of it to ensure it
applies OK and works.
Second, you can use rebasing to "beautify" the history of your
developments, if needed -- reorder commits, clump certain adjacent
commits together, split commits, rewrite commit messages etc. This
might have not much sense when you're developing in a private repo,
but when you prepare a patchset you want it to be as much readable as

I would recommend glancing through [1] and [2] to see "best practices"
of creating and posting patchsets.

1. http://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git
2. http://groups.google.com/group/msysgit/topics

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