On Oct 12, 9:17 pm, David Doria <daviddo...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Here is my setup:
> MasterRepo: branch 'master' - this is the "live" copy
> SecondRepo: branch 'mybranch' - cloned from MasterRepo's master branch
> a long time ago. Changes have been made.
> What I want to do is see which files are different in SecondRepo's
> mybranch versus MasterRepo's master branch. Can I do this? All of the
> commands I have found are for diffing two branches in the same
> repository.
So just bring the MasterRepo's "master" branch to the SecondRepo and
do any comparisons you need. Then delete that branch.

For instance:
$ git remote add roots ssh://URL/of/MasterRepo
$ git fetch roots master
$ git log --oneline master ^remotes/roots/master
$ git remote rm roots

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