On Oct 22, 9:23 pm, Ravi D <r...@haasiniventures.com> wrote:

> I followed the instructions on git book and set up a private git
> repository. The idea is that all the developers in our company should
> be able to push to this git repo. However, it seems that i am getting
> permission errors. Short of making the repository 777 what can i do to
> allow multiple developers to push to the same git repository

I see two ways:
1) Use gitolite or gitosis which make server-side Git behave more like
Subversion (all repositories are operated using the same user account,
and developers are differentiated by their SSH keys, with fine-grained
control over who can do what).
2) Try the usual Unix approach:
   * Add all the necessary devs to a common group.
   * Make the repository writable by that group, and set the "set
group id" bit on it. Both these changes should be made recursively.
   This assumes Git runs with umask 002, and not with 022 or something
like this. I have no idea about how to check/change that.

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