We have started using git and git-svn.

I was thrilled to see that two people cloning using "git svn clone"
from the same repository got the same sha1 IDs for the commits which
meant that each of us could sync with svn independently while still
being able to share code among ourselves.

But my excitement was shortlived as the sha1 IDs were different if we
refer to the svn server using an alias. For example, using
http://mysvnserver.mydomain.com/repos/myproject/trunk gave different
sha1 IDs from using http://mysvnserver/repos/myproject/trunk even
though both refer to the same repository. This also disallowed using
mirrors of the repository for cloning.

Apparently the sha1 ID is generated from the full path of the URL.
Instead of this, could git-svn init be made to accept an optional
"prefix" argument as well which is filtered out of the URL before
building the sha1 ID. This will allow easy support for the oft
requested support for "svn switch --relocate". How much of an effort
is this? I don't know perl or git internals well enough for me to take
a stab at it but I am willing to learn if someone can give me some


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