I think you might benefit from using a centralized git-svn mirror,
instead of having each developer clone their own repository from SVN.

Disclaimer: This ain't trivial. Be prepared to spend hours of fiddling
with it, and even more hours teaching your team members how to

I've described a setup for this on 

More specifically, see this screencast:

and/or these blog-posts:
* http://blog.tfnico.com/2010/08/syncing-your-git-repo-with-subversion.html
* http://blog.tfnico.com/2010/08/some-clarifications-on-living-with-git.html

On Oct 27, 2:06 pm, hetchkay <hetch...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> We have started using git and git-svn.
> I was thrilled to see that two people cloning using "git svn clone"
> from the same repository got the same sha1 IDs for the commits which
> meant that each of us could sync with svn independently while still
> being able to share code among ourselves.
> But my excitement was shortlived as the sha1 IDs were different if we
> refer to the svn server using an alias. For example, 
> usinghttp://mysvnserver.mydomain.com/repos/myproject/trunkgave different
> sha1 IDs from usinghttp://mysvnserver/repos/myproject/trunkeven
> though both refer to the same repository. This also disallowed using
> mirrors of the repository for cloning.
> Apparently the sha1 ID is generated from the full path of the URL.
> Instead of this, could git-svn init be made to accept an optional
> "prefix" argument as well which is filtered out of the URL before
> building the sha1 ID. This will allow easy support for the oft
> requested support for "svn switch --relocate". How much of an effort
> is this? I don't know perl or git internals well enough for me to take
> a stab at it but I am willing to learn if someone can give me some
> pointers.
> Krishnan

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