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> I've installed git using 'apt-get install git' - and ran fine. However
> - it doesnt seem to work. If I do a whereis git it returns nothing.
> And if I do a "dpkg -s git" I get this:
> Package: git
> Status: install ok installed
> Priority: optional
> Section: utils
> Installed-Size: 60
> Maintainer: Ian Beckwith <i...@erislabs.net>
> Architecture: all
> Source: gnuit
> Version: 4.9.4-1
> Depends: gnuit
> Description: transitional dummy package which can be safely removed
>  This is a transitional dummy package to pull in the renamed
>  gnuit package. It can be safely removed.
> That doesnt sound good does it - ? What have I done / Or should I do
> to fix it?

This is a question about Ubuntu, not Git.

For some reason you did not do a couple of obvious things.
First, search the package database.
Typing "pakages.ubuntu.com/git" in the browser's address bar and
hitting the Enter key brings a list of packages named "git" from which
it's clear that your installed package is not the right one, and the
one you're looking for acquired the name "git" only in Maverick.
Next, simply doing
$ aptitude search git
on my Debian system brings a list of some 20 packages, from which it's
easy to discern packages related to Git VCS; on my system it's git-
core and friends.
The same can be done in the search form on http://packages.ubuntu.com/
which is able to search the package database both by package names and
by contents of the packages.
Again, no problems finding Git.

And last, if you installed a package named "git" and it does not seem
to provide the required binary, do
$ dpkg -L git | grep /bin/
to find all user-reachable executable files installed by that package.

Bottom line: from your situation I assume you're using Karmic, and for
it, the package providing Git VCS can be found using [1], which states
that the package is named git-core.

Note that you also might want to install packages git-gui and gitk to
get its standard GUI front-ends at your disposal.


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