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> I work on several project on two sites: the site the software wil run
> on eventually and on my laptop.
> The two sites differ: the operating system is different, the installed
> software is a bit different and the file system has another structure.
> When I pull from the git repository, the first thing I have to do is
> to adjust the software and inifiles a bit so that it runs on my
> laptop. When I push to the repository, I have to undo the changes
> before pushing.
> And the next time, I have to do exactly the same.
> I do the adjustments now in a commit on its own, so that I can undo
> that one with rebase, but I am still not comfortable with it. I have a
> feeling there must be a better way,  a git way to apply and un-apply
> the environment changes.
> Can you advice me what commands I can use to tackle this little
> inconvenience?

There's a way to make automatic modification to the contents of the
files when they are checked in and out, see [1], in particular, the
"filter" attribute.


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