On Nov 17, 4:12 am, Martin Fick <mf...@codeaurora.org> wrote:

> > > This might be a silly question, but I can't figure it
> > > out: is there a way to get all the tags and branches
> > > whose tip includes a certain blob (by SHA1) in its tree
> > > object?
> > I doubt there is any ready-made solution for this corner
> >  case, but you could roll your own using git-ls-tree
> Thanks, I actually just did something similar.  Although
> the -r option to git-ls-tree seems to recurse for me
> automatically.  A few simple switches to automatically
> iterate over the list of branches and tags and... a simple
> working generic solution.  I am still kinda curious if there
> isn't a much better way since this may not scale well on
> large repos?  It takes about ~1s on a cached gerrit repo.

I think it would be then fine to ask this question on the main Git
list (git at vger.kernel.org). Maybe you'll get additional hints on
the implementation.

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