>>>>> "A" == AsherMaximum  <ashermaxi...@gmail.com> writes:

A> I am wondering why you need to have two copies of the website on the
A> server? What would be wrong with setting your directory to point to
A> the main git repository?

You don't need two copies.

Pushing to a repo really only works well when it is a bare repo.  So you
want a bare repo on the server to be the master version of the site, and
a -l -s checkout of that as the live site.  The use of -l and -s options
to git checkout avoids copying .git/objects.  You have one copy of git's
data and one checkout on the server.

That said, if you have the disk space, and especially if you have two or
more platters, using a normal checkout with the bare repo on a different
platter gives you a litte extra redundancy in case of disk or fs failure.

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