I've encountered a bizarre file perm problem trying to use git svn in
a repo on a shared Virtualbox folder.  To get around this, I decided
to have my git svn repo in a directory exclusive to the vbox client
(Ubuntu), and sync that with a regular git repo in the shared folder

In my git_svn directory I clone subversion with ...

$ git svn clone -s project

that will checkout to project

now, I go over to my shared folder space and make a git repo ...

$ mkdir project
$ cd project
$ git init
$ git remote add git_svn files:///home/smaring/project
$ git pull git_svn master
fatal:  Couldn't find remote ref master

and then, the interesting thing to note is that over in /home/smaring/
project, doing a 'git branch' suggests that there is no branch

any thoughts?

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