On Nov 24, 2:20 pm, Roddie Grant <gitl...@myword.co.uk> wrote:

>> To make things simpler to grok, you can think of all those three types
>> of objects as being plain text files.
>> Playing with `git ls-tree` and `git cat-file` can give a very clear
>> idea about how objects reference one another.
> Thanks Konstantin, that's very helpful. I'm still trying to conceptualise
> how Git works, and your reply has filled in a few gaps.
I recently came across this paper [1] which you may find useful as it
tries to explain Git on the object level, showing the precise steps
Git performs to create a new commit.

I've spotted one minor deficiency in the article so far (there's no
such thing as the "HEAD of the current branch" as Git maintains just
one HEAD ref), but otherwise it looks pretty good and is easy to read
and understand.

1. http://www.newartisans.com/2008/04/git-from-the-bottom-up.html

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