I'm new to git, and am looking for advice on the best way to create a
moderately complicated setup with the following constraints:

* The main public repository for this software is subversion, and is
not under my control
* I need to fetch updates from the subversion repository to my
development host (running gentoo) regularly, but cannot write to it
(my updates are pushed back through manually created patches)
* I need to create two branches for my local code, both of which need
to be regularly merged with the updates from subversion
* I need to be able to export both branches local code to a staging
server, which is running centos (the OS is relevant as I expect to
have to make minor tweaks to the code to get it running with different
library versions etc)
* The production server is running RHE, and no development work should
take place on it. It will only run one of the two branches.
* I am working on my own at the moment but there are likely to be
other developers involved soon

Having got a bit lost with the wealth of detail in the git and git-svn
documentation, I thought it might be easier to ask for advice!

Thanks in advance


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