Hi Graham,

It sounds like you should just have a go at it :)

I would first start off with learning some Git basics. Don't go into git-svn 
before you know Git a good bit.

Quick intro: http://www.spheredev.org/wiki/Git_for_the_lazy
Reference: http://progit.org/book/

Now, when you feel you're comfortable with the Git command line, start off 
with cloning the subversion project on your "development host":

>git svn clone [url-to-project-in-svn]

That should give you a git repository with a branch "master".

To update with newer changes from svn:

> git svn rebase

That should get you started. Where you go from there with branches and so on 
I think you need to experiment a bit, or tell us a bit more specifically 
what you want to do.

Just a small warning: Running different branches of development for 
different OS sounds like a poor approach, imho. If I were you, I would 
rather keep development in a single branch, and then do some kind of 
deployment step that copies in the OS-specific parts into being part of a 
deployable artifact.

If you want a more extensive tutorial on how to work with Git and Subversion 
in parallel, check out this 

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