I'm creating a step by step tutorial for a software development
framework. Each step should come with a zip file,
where the zip file contains a directory structure that the user should
have at the end of that step.

To make the whole set of zip file maintainable, I will create a branch
for each step. Ideally it will look like this
(this might get mangled up due to different font proportions).

-> step 1 ----\
-> step 2      ----\
-> step 3            ----\
-> step 4                 ----\

My question is: When I make a change one of the steps, do I manually
have to merge those changes to each of the following steps or is there
some automatic merging that I can set up? (Of course minus cases where
manual intervention is unavoidable)

(Side question: is this a good idea or am I going to shoot myself in
the foot with this idea?)


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