On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 04:38:05PM -0800, ats wrote:

> I did not have the global user.name and user.email not set and hit the
> commit first.
> I am now trying to amend the username with the below command now
> git commit --amend --author=ats@XXXXX
> I have tried above with both the old use.email and new user.email
> but I am getting the error message like the following:
> fatal: No existing author found with 'ats@XXXXXXX'
> Could you please advise?

ISTR, you just properly set user.name and user.email and then do
$ git commit --amend -C HEAD --reset-author

That should reuse the log message from the tip commit but use your
configured parameters to set the commit author.

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