Hehe, good one :)

Seriously though, the idea of an organization being able to get all their 
source into Git repositories, and not getting them out again doesn't make 

First of all, any content in a repository is a replica of code that is on a 
developer's workstation. You don't "lose" stuff by putting it in Git, you're 
just replicating it (cloning).

Second: "Checking out" code, or cloning it is as easy as doing an "svn 

Doing checkouts and commits is almost the same as with SVN. It's just that 
you need this extra "push" step, but at the same time that allows you to do 
"offline commits", and I think that makes up for the extra step in most 

I don't think it would ever get so bad that you would need to hire a 
consultant to come in and fix stuff up for you, unless you really do 
something stupid, but hell, I 've seen people do some pretty stupid stuff 
with Subversion branches too :) 

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