Hi, folks.

I am developing a website using Wordpress and a bunch of plugins.

I have two local branches "master" and "layers". "Master" is my public
release, that I upload to my servers and that goes live to the internet.
"Layers" is a development branch, that I merge to Master when I reach some
important point.

>git checkout layers
Everything is working fine with my changes.

>git checkout master
Everything is working fine, too.

 >git merge layers
There is a conflict in just one file.

>git mergetool
It tells me that there is nothing to change (or the file was not changed at
all, I don´t remember).
After asking me if the merge was successful, I answered YES.

Then my site is not working anymore.

If I get back to the commit just after the merge (in both master and
layers), everything is fine.

My question is: Will "git bisect" help me? I don´t think so, since the bad
commit is the merge one, and the good commit is the last commit after the

What can I do to find what´s wrong?
How can I undo the merge, so I do not loose my two commits?
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Daniel Trezub

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