I'm new to git. I'm trying to develop a workflow for my creative writing. I 
figure that other's must have came before me, so why reinvent the wheel?

*Here are some issues I'm dealing with*

*Stay out of the way/how often to commit.*
I can use launchd on OS X to call a script to make commits periodically 
and/or when a file changes. Is making a commit every time a file is saved 
too much? (I tend to save a bunch.)

*Should I have multiple git repositories or a single monolithic one?*
I usually have several projects in the works, each individual piece (poem, 
story) has it's own directory which I use to keep working drafts.
I'd hate to have to remember to run git init, git add . , and setup a 
laucnhd script, every time I start a new poem, but I would also hate to be 
overwhelmed by navigating a huge repository.

*Is it possible to save out multiple versions of a single file? (easily?)*
I often need to open three, four, or more versions of a file. And I 
occasionally need to print several old versions. Can git do this? I know I 
can use diff to compare two versions, and I can open a particular version, 
is it possible to open/save the last n versions of a file?

*Is git for me?*
Am I running into a fundamental incompatibility problem? Do I just need to 
learn more about git? What are some good resources to look at—I'm 
overwhelmed by the sheer number of git articles online.



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