Hi, guys.

I´d like to hear your opinions about my git config and workflow.

I am developing a website using wordpress and a bunch of plugins. Instead of
treating it as various sub-projects, I am treating it as a single project
(as the final result is a single website).

I am working alone for now, using a local repository.

I have three main branches: UPSTREAM, MASTER and DEVEL.

UPSTREAM is used to update Wordpress and the Atahualpa theme (the main
components of the site, and the most complex ones). In UPSTREAM I am keeping
a clean installation, without any plugins, and this is where I update the
Worpress installation when a new version is out.

The MASTER is my "release" branch. The MASTER´s tip is to be always equal to
the live website on the internet. I.E, I only commit/merge to the MASTER
when the changes are mature to be in the produtcion environment live on the
internet to everybody use it.

And the DEVEL branch is where I put my crazy ideas in test. Note that the
DEVEL branch can be sub-divided into many other branches.

My workflow is the following:
- I develop in the DEVEL branch
- When an feature is mature, I merge it to the MASTER branch and upload the
changes to the server (I still use FTP to do this).

My question is about upgrading the Wordpress installation.

Here is what I am planning to do (based on this article:

- When a new version of Wordpress is out, I´ll delete all files from the
UPSTREAM version, and unpack the new version there.
- rebase MASTER (as I never change the Wordpress or theme´s files, I do not
have to rebase the DEVEL branch).

When rebasing, the UPSTREAM and MASTER tip´s will coincide, right? Does that
mean that my UPSTREAM branch will have the same content of the MASTER
branch? I don´t quite understant rebase, sorry :S

Do I have to delete all files from the UPSTREAM branch or just overwrite

Thanks for your time and sorry for the long message.

Daniel Trezub

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