> May be you meant
> $ git show HEAD:your_file >/tmp/your-file-as-in-HEAD
> $ git show HEAD^:your_file >/tmp/your-file-as-in-HEADs-parent
> ?

No. But OK, I have realized that my problem concerns rather diff tools
than git itself. If I create those two files in /tmp/ with your
commands, then I'd like to merge them together so that I have all of
thier mutual content along with added/deleted lines marked with +/-,
so that I could choose what lines should really be deleted and what
lines should not.

I see, I should explain why I need it. I have a folder with Cherokee
web server configuration files. It is put under Git version control.
While upgrading cherokee it proposed that it would update the main
configuration file with a newer version. I have some changes in this
file that I don't want to lose. At the same time I want some default
settings in it to be up-to-date. Cherokee wizard didn't allow to merge
files, just replace or remain intact. So I replaced the file, commited
it and now want to pick up all the useful from both revisions (HEAD
and HEAD^).

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