I'm a web developer who wants to begin using versioning control. I've
run a one-man shop for 14 years but now I'm going to collaborate with
another developer and wish to use a good SCM.

Currently I have dozens of websites on a VPS running CentOS. I've
already installed Git on the server and it is working.

My local development environment is a Mac running 10.6.6 with Apache
2.2, PHP 5.3.4 and MySQL 5.x. I've got the same version of Git (1.7.4)
as on the VPS. My IDE is PhpStorm 2.0 (JetBrains).

The remote server (VPS) has the client sites organized as "/home/
username/" and the webroot is "/home/username/public_html".

I am unsure as to the best practice regarding the repository. Is it
best to create an individual repository for each site? I did create a
repository in one non-essential website; it created a ".git" directory
in the webroot (/home/username/public_html/.git) and at the same level
as pre-existing files. I did both add and commit commands. The
repository was updated successfully.

Should the repository exist in the webroot or should it be at the same
level? (Perhaps "/home/username/git"?)

What is the best way to deal with multiple sites on one server?

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