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> I am just beginning to use GIT and have a setup question. In our
> environment, every developer has their local copies of files and we
> have a staging area. So the way it works is when I want to update a
> file, I pull it down, make my changes and then ftp it back to staging.
> We would like to implement GIT into this workflow. I am having some
> difficulties in finding instructions on this. I was able to setup a
> local repository and use GITHUB with no troubles. I just cannot find
> out how to set up a repository within our staging environment we can
> pull from. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
In addition to what Thomas said, note that there are specialized
programs intended to manage several repositories on a server:
gitolite [1] and gitosis [2].  Setting up a server by hand is simpler,
but if you intend to use SSH transport for accessing it, it means every
developer will need a proper user account on the server, and all these
accounts should have correct r/w permissions on the repository.
Depending on your requirements this might be a somewhat complicated
task to carry out properly, and then these specialized solutions might
help, especially if they're packaged for your server OS.

1. https://github.com/sitaramc/gitolite
2. http://swik.net/gitosis

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