On Friday, March 4, 2011 12:21:03 PM UTC+1, Sabba Hillel wrote:
> Please respond directly to sabba...@gmail.com as I do not have time 
> to follow this mailing list. 

Unfortunately, Google Groups camouflages your original email address to 
prevent spam, or whatever, so I can't CC it in this reply. In any case, this 
list is fairly low-traffic, so you shouldn't have any problem seeing when 
your questions get any answers.

I am attempting to set up a git repository based on an svn repository. 
> The idea would be that the members of the project would be able to use 
> git exclusively with the central git repository acting as the 
> coordinator. This git server would be the only one capable of issuing 
> the git svn dcommit and git svn rebase and the members of the project 
> would not have to worry about it. Eventually, the subversion 
> repository would be transferred to git. 

This probably won't work. In a Git+SVN setup, SVN has to remain the 
"master". Usually, the best way is to start off with individual developers 
using git svn locally.

You can establish a central Git repository later on, but this is only to 
speed-up cloning and pulling for the Git users. There is no good way to set 
up a two-way sync.

See these how-to's and screencasts for an idea of how to get 
started: http://www.tfnico.com/presentations/git-and-subversion
Regarding your other problems with Gitosis and remote branches, please try 
to narrow down the questions and post them in new threads so that we can 
better understand and answer them in isolation. It was a bit too much here 
in one mail :)

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