Hi all,

currently evaluating the use of git: one point that doesn' t fit me is
that when I delete a folder in my repository, the commit automatically
commits the deleted files.
This I dont want!

It should behave in the same way as adding files - only those files
marked with "git add" are commited - consequently only files marked
with "git remove" should be deleted.

The project structure is as as follows:

 - generic modules1
 - generic modules2
 - sub-projects
 -- sub-project1
 -- sub-project2

Sub-project1 is not interested in having data from sub-project2, thus
it deletes it from the disc and keeps on working. A next commit would
commit sub-project2 as deleted.

Up to now I havn't found a config switch that avoids this behaviour in
a general way - for all users.
Can someone point me to a solution?


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