Hm, I have to read your question quite a few times before I got it.. It 
would help if you could illustrate the branches somehow, perhaps by pasting 
the git log --graph --oneline --all ascii 

So, you have three branches: B1, A1 and A2.

I'll ignore the fact that the two latter ones are in a remote repo for now, 
as remote/local is irrelevant thus far.

Then you go 

git rebase --onto A2 A1 B1

If I compare with the advanced example in

it would be git rebase --onto master server client

As it is well described in the example, the above command plays the changes 
in branch 'client' onto the master branch, keeping out the chances that 
happened in branch server.

This means that the changes in your branch B1 (since it branched out from 
A1) will be played on top of the history in A2. Only branch B1 is changed in 
your local repository.

You accidentally typed:

git rebase --onto A2 A1 A2

This means you will play the changes that have happend in A2 since branching 
from A1, on top of A2.. which doesn't make sense to me. I can't really judge 
from the result output of whether this messed something up or not. It's 
really hard to say without knowing more about the relationship between the 
branches here.

As long as you haven't pushed the changes anywhere else, you can reset back 
with a reference to the 

Once you're back into the state you wish to be, try explaining here once 
again what you are trying to do. Maybe we can help if we understand more.

On Friday, March 11, 2011 9:14:29 PM UTC+1, ryan wrote:
> I want to rebase the current branch B1 from origin/A1 to origin/A2 
> so I want to use this command 
> git --onto origin/A2 origin/A1 B1 
> Q1: is this command right? (A2 is based on A1, current branch is B1, 
> B1 is already pushed to origin, a remote repo, and I think I will 
> force push B1 after rebase) 
> but I accidentally typed 
>  git --onto origin/A2 origin/A1 origin/A2 
> and git says 
> ---- 
> First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it... 
> Fast-forwarded origin/base to origin/base. 
> ---- 
> Q2:I assume this command is safe and it didn't change anything right? 

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