I'm a bit of a git n00b so I may be missing something here.

I have two different git repositories on the same filesystem of the
same machine.  When I do a certain git diff command on repository #1
it returns in about 5 seconds.  When I do the same command on
repository #2 it takes a minute and a half to return.  A du shows that
repository #1, the fast one, is about 1.3Gb, and repository #2, the
slow one, is about 133Mb.  I created repository #2 very recently so
there haven't been very many commits.  Other than that the two
repositories are pretty similar.

Both repositories were created simply with git init, git add ., and
git commit.  There have only been git add and git commit commands run
on them.  There have been no branches or anything like that.

Here is the command that's slow on repository #1, and fast on
repository #2:

git --git-dir=/path/to/repository2/.git --work-tree=/path/to/
repository2 diff --raw --name-status HEAD

Any thoughts on what might be causing the slowdown?  Is there a faster
way to get all the changed files in a repository since it has been
created?  How about all the changes in a repository between two
arbitrary times?

Thanks in advance,

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