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Rustom Mody <rustompm...@gmail.com> wrote:

> A noob question:
> As people may know smartsvn is quite popular among svn clients
> The folks making smartsvn have now made smartgit
> http://www.syntevo.com/smartgit/index.html
> Is this a good way to start using git?

After cursory glancing through that product's web page, I doubt it.
This possibly could be a good idea if you're absolutely clueless about
how VCSes work, simply due to higher explorability of a
novice-oriented GUI interface compared to a bunch of command-line tools
which require prior knowledge from books and manual pages.
Git also comes with its stock GUI utilities (git-gui and gitk), but
they also assume a certain level of Git knowledge.

On the other hand, be aware, that tools such like this one tend to have
two problems:
* They tend to be "smart" and do stuff behind your back deviating from
  the normal behaviour of the underlying VCS. For instance, a tool might
  "help" you by not exposing the concept of "index" or "staging area"
  which is central to most of usual Git workflows, and instead the tool
  could try to make you feel more like using Subversion.
  It's hard to decide whether it's good or not.
* Most books and articles on Git (actually, all I've seen) discuss
  conventional Git tools. Hence, if you will approach such a book
  while sticking to some high-level GUI tool, you will probably find
  yourself in the need of translating the book's vocabulary and examples
  to those of your tool.

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