On Mar 28, 2:04 pm, Sabba Hillel <sabbahil...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I created a bare git repository with a number of branches. I then
> created a "fetch" directory using git svn. A particular branch was
> removed from the repository using svn (call it old_branch). THe
> browser shows that old_branch has been removed and is not in the http
> index. However, when I issue "git svn branch -a" the list still shows
> "remotes/old_branch" even though I tried to
> When I do  got to the local area and set up the clone
> git clone <git-server>:/opt/git/MyProject
> cd MyProject
> git svn init https:/<svn-server>/MyProject
> git co -t remotes/origin/old-branch

Note: the above was built with "git svn init -s https://<svn server>/

> The branch is pulled in. I am able to make changes and do a commit.
> However, when I do a dcommit, it cannot do so because the branch does
> not exist. What am I doing wrong?

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