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matseitz_cisco <matse...@cisco.com> wrote:

> > > What is the git gui equivalent to "git checkout -b"?
> >
> > > I have a working tree with changes that I don't want to commit to
> > > "master"
> > > yet.  So I want to create a new branch to contain my changes.
> >
> > > If I go to "Branch->Create", I see an option to "Checkout After
> > > Creation",
> > > but I want to be sure that is the right choice.
> >
> > It is the right choice.
> > To cite the git-checkout manual:
> > "If -b is given, a new branch is created as if git-branch(1) were
> > called and then checked out."
> Thanks for confirming that "git checkout -b" would be the correct CLI
> command.
> Are you also saying that the git gui "Branch->Create" command with the
> "Checkout After Creation" option enabled is the equivalent of "git
> checkout -b"?

Instead of spending so many time to write these two messages, you could
simply try this out:

$ mkdir /tmp/foo && cd /tmp/foo && git init .
$ touch aaa && git add . && git commit -m "root commit"
$ git checkout -b test
$ git branch
* test
$ git checkout master
$ git branch -d test

(At this point there's again just the single branch, "master", which is
checked out.)

Then fire git-gui, run the command you wanted to test out,
go back to the shell and run

$ git branch

You will see the output identical to what you've seen after
running `git checkout -b test`.

Hence, note that git-gui does not do any kind of special magic which
cannot be seen using lower-level Git tools -- it just runs these tools
each time you issue one command or another.

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