On Mar 30, 7:13 pm, vercetty92 <vin...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I search a way for retrieve a single file on a git client (solaris).
> My
> goal is to not download all the repository from the server.
> so the first time i do a|"git clone -n" and after if I want to
> download
> a single file I do "||git checkout HEAD name_of_file"
> but if another client add a new file, then my solaris client doesn't
> know this new file if I do a ||"||git checkout HEAD name_of_file"
> Can I find a way to update the client whithout download all the
> repository?

This could have possible in SVN where you do an 'svn co -N', then
check for updates using 'svn st -qu', and then _download_ what you
need using 'svn up <that_file>'.

For git checkout to work, however, you should have the object already
present in your .git directory. I.e. you've already done the
downloading with git clone -n. What it didn't do is checking out
object to your working directory, because you mentioned -n. If you do
a git status, you'd see that it's as if you deleted files and staged
for commit.

I think what you can do is to do 'git fetch origin', and examine the
logs to see if there were any new files downloaded. For example,

git log master..origin/master --name-status --diff-filter=A


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