Wow, that sounds ambitious :)

Personally, I don't have an Android device, and I imagine if I did, I 
probably wouldn't use it much for development, hence I wouldn't need Git 
support on it (I would probably use DropBox for storing files and stuff).

Maybe, if I had larger tablet, it would be interesting to do some occasional 
code review on it - so, priority on the read-only commands, I would say 
(clone, checkout, log, etc).

That being said, I would probably use a web application like 
Gerrit<>for doing code-review, so not really a 
need for any Anroid-Git there.

I trust you're aware of the JGit <> project, porting 
this to run on Android could maybe be a good starting point.

So, going back to using Git as a kind of storage/sync thing, it would be 
nice to be able to push/pull easily between my device and my PC, or other 
device. Imagine it's a bit like a usb-stick, with the power of Git. 

Say, I'm doing some programming on my PC at home, then I want to bring my 
project to Uni. I just push the code to my Android tablet. I bring it to Uni 
and show the teacher, eventually handing it in by pushing it onto his Git 
repository. (If you've got Internet at home, this scenario is a bit moot, 
but I'm trying to be creative :)).

GitHub has such an awesome web surface, that I'm not really sure what an 
Android app would add there.

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