I'm looking to replace my team's old and clumsy CVS server, as a GIT
user for personal projects I'm wondering what would be the best way to
achieve this using GIT. I've googled the subject a few times and read
books but I still have a handfull of questions

Our team is composed of 10 developers.
A common developer workspace takes about 1Go of space and contains
about 50 modules (up to 100 if the developer is working on satellite
applications/modules) - we're maintaining a large java-based
healthcare system.
Each module is a CVS project.
Our use of CVS is.. well..clumsy too (don't ask me why we do things
like this, those were decided about 10 years ago before I started
working in this company).
Features to be delivered in the next release are committed directly on
the head.
The project leader cherry picks the commits on his local working copy
within a dedicated workspace.

I first thought of creating a single project in order to group the
100+ modules and to ease the creation of maintenance branches.
Each developer would clone the full workspace from a "blessed"
The "blessed" repository would be managed by the project leader which
would simply pull changes from each developer pubic repository.
I tested this scenario but, as the workspace is really big, each
operation is really slow.

What could I do then ?
- Use submodules ?
- Create a blessed per-project repository and instead of a public
repository for each developer create a per-project public and shared
repository ?
...I'm a bit lost

Thanks for your help


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