Hi all

I have recently converted my svn repository to git repository (A) but
I did
not convert the svn branches , here is my problem :

One of my svn branches is a branch of a subdirectory , I have
converted that
to a separate git repo (B) and
created a git branch from that in the (A) git repo but the problem is
that I
can't checkout that branch in the corresponding subdirectory of my git
(A) ...

my git repo (A) looks something like this :

   |-- dir1
   |-- dir2
   |-- dir3 -- dir31

here's what I have done :
   cd /tmp
   git svn clone   B
   git clone --bare /tmp/B   B
   cd git-repo
   git remote add remote-git-branch B
   git fetch remote-git-branch
   git branch git-branch remote-git-branch/master

I want to do the git checkout in for example dir31 directory :

   cd dir3/dir31
   git checkout git-branch

git checkout causes my whole git-repo to be replaced by contents of
git-branch ...

How can I solve this problem ?
I've checked all 'git checkout' options but couldn't find anything ...

Thanks in advance


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