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Mohith Thimmaiah <thimma...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Im new to git :)
No need to repeat this in each first post.
This list is not named "git-experts" and its sole reason is to discuss
problems newbie users are facing.

> I have a repo which I have exposed via http at careerinsight.org/
> git_repo/InAJiffy/ so that other who need to access it via http have a
> way to get to it
> Now I am able to clone the git repo locally (without http) and also
> via http
> # clone over http
> git clone http://careerinsight.org/git_repo/InAJiffy/ IAJ1
> # clone locally on the same m/c
> git clone git_repo/InAJiffy/ IAJ2
> Now strangely enough all my new changes are there in the clone done
> locally - but the clone over http seems to be an old one
> # git branch shows master in both places
> $ git branch
> * master
> # git log shows diff stuff in both places
> Its obvious that the http clone is an older version. I can see that
> git log --stat is very diff for both
> Please help !!! Im confused
> 1. Why are the 2 cloned repos different
May be `git update-server-info` command is not run after pushing to the
server repo?  This is needed for dumb protocols like HTTP to work, see

> 2. How can I tell the clone over http command to get the same stuff as
> the clone done locally
There's no easy answer as what is fetched from the remote and what is
changed locally after fetching heavily depends on what has been told to
Git to do.
In the simplest case when you only consider the new data of a single
branch (say, you fetched the new data from the remote "master" branch
and this operation routinely updated the local "origin/master" branch),
you can just peer into the output of
$ git log -1 origin/master
to see if the tip commit is different from that in another repository.


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