> Can anyone recommend a simple strategy for distributing my development
> without publishing to drupal.org?

Nobody wants to take a crack?  Any kind of feedback would be helpful.
Including any of these:

1.  "You're in the wrong place, nincompoop!  Ask over at XYZ"
2.  "RTFM.  Try this url: XYZ"
3.  "You're approaching the whole thing wrong.  Try XYZ"
4.  "We can't help you because nobody else wants what you want"
5.  "Hey, I have this same problem too and I'm stumped!"
6.  "You use too many words.  Try breaking it down"
7.  "Not enough information.  Be more explicit."
8.  "Your actions have been noted and authorities have been alerted"

Anyway, I did find one solution but I am completely unsatisfied by
it.  It is to maintain a public repository copy of the drupal site,
then use it as the origin from which I "submodule add" into my
deployment repository.  This works because I can do distributed
development of my configurations on top of drupal without having to
push those all the way back to the source.  But there are two things I
don't like about this solution.

First, I have to make sure that my central mirror keeps synchronized
with the oringinal drupal repository.  That means I have to have a
person or a process regularly manage that task.  I would rather my
deployment repository's submodules could just fetch straight from the
original drupal repository, omitting the need to have a central mirror
track it.

Second, there is not one submodule but hundreds.  Each of the modules
that plug into drupal is managed on drupal.org as a git repository.
So my deployment repository will have the drupal submodule, and the
drupal submodule will have a submodule for each of the hundred or so
modules that I deploy.  That means my central mirror of the drupal
repository will actually have to track hundreds of repositories.
Whenever I want to install a new drupal module to a website, I will
have to first install a central mirror, then add the new submodule to
my deployment repository.  It is a huge headache.

Things are exacerbated by the fact that every time I create a new
clone of my deployment repository, I have to run "git submodule update
--init --recursive", which asks for my password for every
submodule!!!  And what's more, even if I have a dev branch in one
submodule, I can't use it for the other submodules.  I have to create
a new dev branch for every submodule that I patch.

I'm sure I must be approaching this wrong.  And I can't believe I'm
the only one facing this problem.


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