We're a small team (4 persons) going to work with a tool named talend
which stores projects in a workspace folder.
We plan to use a common workspace, and for safety reasons, limit
modifications by only one person at a time.

I'm looking for a tool that would help us to setup this workflow :

Bob wants to work on the workspace :

1 * Bob updates his local copy of the workspace
2 * Server checks if there's a lock.
3 * Bob's copy gets updates
4 * Bob can begin his work
5 * When Bob's job is done, he commits and pushes to the server
6 * Server releases the lock

If between 3 and 6, Alice wants to work on the same workspace, step2
will fail and she will know that somebody is currently working on the

I've only found old posts about git and central locking issues so I'd
like to know it this seems doable today with git ?


Mikael Kermorgant

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