Good afternoon/morning,

Few weeks ago I decided to move all our IT infrastructure from FreeBSD
to CentOS and also go away from SVN to GIT.

Installation of GIT on CentOS was as smooth as possible and went down
very well, learned the basic command line arguments and never used any
graphic tool before.

Now my setup is:
(GIT remote repository server - centos) -> (Dev server - centos) ->
(windows machine through samba) 1
-> (windows machine through samba) 2

The windows machines that access to the dev server do so through
mounting a drive on the network.

Now to the issue, I do a "pull from remote repository" on Tortoise
Git, as expected I get all files, then when I go "check for
modifications" on tortoise there is nothing to be committed to my
local repo which is very weird because if I go to the command line and
go "git status" on that directory on my dev server I get the changes
that are not staged.

Anyone has any idea why is this happening?

Is it just me doing something wrong? I am so confused, don't even know
what to search for in Google.

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