I'm new to Git, and I would greatly appreciate some guidance on the
best practices for setting it up to help manage the various websites I
help develop.

To give some background, the company I work for currently has an US
eCommerce and an UK eCommerce website, hosted on two different
servers.  We now have a small group (2-3) of remote developers that
would need to make changes to the webhost files, as opposed to just
me, so it's needed that I have some version control.  For the US site,
we have a separate server for the staging site, but for the UK site,
the staging site is located on live server.  In my ideal world, I
would make code changes on my local computer, push to stage, test on
the stage website, once that looks good, then push to live.

My first question is, where do I create the bare Git repository? Do I
put each on a third remote server, or do I create a respective
repository on each webserver?  I've heard pros and cons either way,
but I would like to hear more thoughts on the matter.  I think instead
of me asking more questions I might not know how to ask properly, it
might be better if I just asked, given the above setup, what is the
"best" way to setup this git installation?  Based on the answers I'm
sure I'll have further questions.

I hope that makes sense, and thanks in advance!

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