Hi Carey, welcome to the wonderful world of Git ;)

So, you've got some server machines:

* UK machine
* US machine
* local machine

You've got basically one repo called "website". This repository will get 
cloned across each of these three machines. 

Now don't confuse these repositories with the directories where you actually 
host your files, that's probably somewhere in /srv/website/main or 

Now, since I guess people are not going to be actively working the code on 
the US machine or the UK machine, these two can be *bare* repositories.

The repo on your local machine is where you do some work, so this can't be 
bare, naturally (bare means there's no working-tree in the repo).

Now the branches. Sounds like you've got two "version" of your website:

1) The live version, let's call this "master"
2) The stage version, let's call this "stage"

Now you can work on both of these versions locally. When you're happy with 
some changes in the stage branch, you want to commit them, push the changes 
to your UK server, and then deploy them on in the stage directory:

0) git checkout stage, make some changes
1) git commit -am "Some changes"
2) git push uk stage (where uk is a remote with the name "uk")

Now, ssh to your uk server, or somehow execute this remotely:
#> deploy-website stage

.. where deploy-website is a shell script that takes a branch parameter, and 
as a result copies the contents of this branch out into 
/srv/website/[branch]). For more info on how to copy out the contents, have 
a look at git 

So, now you're happy with how the stuff looks on the UK stage website, so 
you decide to merge the change in to bring it live. Back on your local 

3) git checkout master
4) git merge stage (merges the latest changes from stage branch onto your 
master branch)
5) git push uk

And ssh to your uk server again, and execute:
#> deploy-website master

Makes sense?

I know some people like just deploying files by just doing another clone of 
the repository, but I'll leave that technicality up to you :)

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