Dear list:

I used git to sync all my stuff across multiple computers
as well as my cell phone. Currently, I have a git repo roughly
4G in size (the size of the .git folder), synchronizing between
computers are reasonablely fast, but I found syncing with
my cell phone via a USB cable is awfully slow.

My computers are running Ubuntu (10.04/10.10 etc), and my
cell phone is a Samsung Epic 4G with a 16G SD card. I sync it
with the main repo once in a few weeks. On average, there
are about 100 to 300MB changes needs to be updated every time.
Sadly, the sync time each time is over 30 min to an hour!
Sometimes, if I cancel an on-going sync, it can make my
entire clone on the SD card unusable :(

Last time, I had similar issues, the "git pull" command takes
forever to complete for a 20 files update. I typed "iotop",
I found a git process continuously reading data from the disk
(maybe SD card?), I waited 20 min, and canceled the sync.

Here is my question: when I do a "git pull", does git have to read
my entire local history in order to add the new changes? can I do it
in an incremental way to minimize disk reading?

any other suggestions would also be appreciated.



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