On 04/21/2011 05:49 PM, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen wrote:

Of course it scales up pretty well dealing with binary files as well, but it's not meant to be a syncing-mechanism for mobile devices, so once you start running into problems like this, it could very well be that it's beyond the purpose and abilities of Git.

Combined with a relatively low-bandwidth USB connection, this could be why it is being so slow.

hi Thomas

thanks for the comments.

I do anticipate significant slow down when using USB connection,
but the part that I feel confused is that git seems need to read
the entire commit history (~4G in my case) in order to do an update!

I felt that, given the seemingly well-organized data structure
in the git repo, needing to read in the entire history to make a
update is kind of counter intuitive, almost as inefficient as
you can imagine.

I just did a git pull to my cell phone, and I did "iotop -a", it shows
a git-merge command spent about 20 min to read >2G of data
to sync my cell phone copy, just for a 170-file changeset and less than
100Mb changes. I just thought that it could do much better than this,
thus, I must have done something wrong.

are there any git developers in this list? does this make sense to you?

It sounds like your repository contains a lot of binary files.

As you may know, Git is designed to be very efficient and fast while working with source code (pure text files).

in fact, more than half of my repo are pure text files.
For all the binary files, I rarely update them once they
are added in.

Before you start tweaking pull and push, maybe you should look at some other kind of syncing software that doesn't keep all the historical changes. Rsync for example.

The benefit of using git is that I can roll back to any point I want,
a mobile copy is simply a backup. If not the speed, it is almost perfect
for my purposes.

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