I'm trying to import from another company's SVN server (with their
permission of course), however some of their SVN user entries have
carriage returns in them.  It causes git-svn to die when I use the --
authors-file option, because I can't add a username with a carriage
return in that file.  (Or can I?)

I see the following options, but I'd love more or easier ones.  Here
they are:

1. Talk to the maintainer of the SVN server to remove the carriage
returns in the names.
2. Edit git-svn.perl and recompile git.
3. Skip the revisions that have the carriage return in them.
4. Don't bother with the authors-file.

The SVN maintainer is a great guy but very busy, so I don't know when
he'll get to removing carriage returns, or if he'll agree to do so
anyway.  I'm using an IT controlled box, so I can't edit the /usr/bin/
git-svn file.  I switched to a box that I had control over, but the
version of git installed didn't have the /usr/bin/git-svn file at
all.  (I figure it's wrapped up into a single package now?)  So, I
tried to edit the git-svn.perl file in the source and recompile, but
I'm getting an error.

Ideally, I need you to give me permissions to the IT controlled box.
Can you do that for me?  ;)

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