(this is a reply to your second email, my first mail was a reply to your 
first one)
> <http://blog.tfnico.com/2010/10/gitsvn-5-centralized-git-svn-mirror.html>I 
> can see how this works and I like the idea, although what would happen if 
> people share code in the Git repository before submitting into SVN?  Will 
> there be a collision?  What would happen if one person submitted into SVN 
> someone else's changes?

If you push changes to the bare Git repository, it will mess things up. The 
next push from the fetching repo would have diverged history, and the push 
would be refused.

If you dcommit someone else's changes for them (say they pushed their 
changes to your repo instead of dcommitting), the commit will get you as 

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