I red in that suggested method to combine more repositories is move every 
commit of a repository into a subdir with git branch-filter --index-filter 
command. And then init a new repository (destination one) and make a pull 
into destination repository for every repository that you would merge (see 

Now my tool is complete (http://github.com/geppo12/GitCombineRepo).

The question was relative to a problem regarding import of multiple branch 
that now I solved.

for each original repo I do

git remote add origin <repo path>
git pull origin master
git fetch origin 
git fetch --tags origin
for each head in headlist do 
  git branch $head origin/$head 

git remote rm origin

with this sequence seem that i can import all reference form each repos to a 
combined repository... but I'm still working on it

Giuseppe 'Ninjeppo' Monteleone

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