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On Sunday, April 3, 2011 6:33:14 AM UTC-7, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen wrote:
> I would go for splitting them into 7 isolated projects. In my experience, 
> the advantages of this isolation greatly outweighs advantages of keeping 
> them in one place, regardless of what SCM you are using.

I would like to insert a huge "that depends..." about this recommendation. 
Depending on your projects, their shared resources, other factors; 7 
isolated projects "may" be a good move if you actually have 7 separate 
initiatives (i.e. only one moving target), but it could create more, 
artificial, problems as well. My advise would be to use a single repo for 
all resources of a project that are moving targets and it's really how you 
look at or source code... Do you have 7 separate projects each with their 
own schedule and dependencies or one project with 7 components being worked 
on simultaneously?

If the former, you probably already want to break them apart into separate 
repo's and this might be a good opportunity to
 break them apart. If the later, Git lacks good support for managing large 
source trees due to not supporting push/pull of specific repo 
sub-directories. My experience with Git shows it was created for a different 
set of objectives than most software project need to solve or are even 
relevant while adding a large amount of complexity to simple time proven 
methodologies like continuous integration.

If me or anybody else breaks something in the code, it should break the 
build and your auto build server should tell you about it when it happens, 
and the team needs to fix it inline when it happens and the code changes are 
fresh in people's heads... not 3 months later in some sort of integration 

You want CruiseControl to build the 7 different apps as 7 different 
> projects. If this is problematic, I think switching to Git is not the first 
> thing you should address in your organization ;)

... that really all depends on many factors and I wouldn't jump to any such 
conclusion about it... 

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