As a first-time git user, it's not a shock, but I figure others should know 
that this was my experience.
I had installed TortoiseGit, to be "complete", as I usually just use 
Using Windows 7, 64-bit, current with Windows Update.
I wanted to give git a try...

Using latest git (I think):
git version

Have a project in, say: "C:\Users\Me\Documents\Visual Studio 
1. Git create repository here (without selecting "Make it bare")
    Initialized empty git repository in /c/Users/Me/Documents/Visual Studio 
2. Git commit -> "master"
    User name and email must be set before commit... so I set them (using 
"Save as global"), then try again.
    I get the message: "fatal: "cannot use .git/info/exclude as an exclude 
    Get the same thing if I try to Add a file
3. Try to hide .git/info/exclude (by renaming it), but now, if I try to add 
a file, I get:
    error: short read No such file or directory
    error: SomeFile.cs: failed to insert into database
    error: unable to index file SomeFile.cs
    fatal: adding files failed

Any ideas?
I thought for I while that my cygwin might be interfering with the git 
packaged with Tortoise (specifically the mount option to remove the cygdrive 
prefix), but I haven't found anything to substantiate this
I tried the same operations from a cygwin command line, with identical 
$ git --version
git version

Thanks in advance for any help.

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