Gerrit has a problem..

Gerrit Version

1. Gerrit can't handle specific task in the queue. so I did some work

git gc --aggressive in the modem.git
git repack in modem.git

But it is not resolved.

command : ssh -p <port> <ip> gerrit show-queue -w

3a3a400f                        git-upload-pack '/test/
modem.git' (xxx.xx)
844514e3                       git-upload-pack '/test/
modem.git' (xxxx.xxx)
e902a98e                       git-upload-pack '/test/
modem.git' (xxxx.xxxx)
4e0e5bbf                        git-upload-pack '/test/
modem.git' (xxxx)
7d467220 10:06:47.591          Log File Compressor

modem.git size : 2.6G
objects size in modem.git : 2.6G
pack size in modem.git : 281M

The CPU Usage is 100% because of this

The CPU Usage does not drop although I kill the task in queue

ssh -p <port> <ip> kill 3a3a400f
ssh -p <port> <ip> kill 844514e3
ssh -p <port> <ip> kill e902a98e
ssh -p <port> <ip> kill 4e0e5bbf

How can I resolve this??

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