2011/6/20 Konstantin Khomoutov <flatw...@users.sourceforge.net>:
> On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 05:04:12PM -0300, Vinicius Massuchetto wrote:
> [...]
>> >> So, both of these actions will log this message into syslog:
>> >> $sv stop git-daemon; sv start git-daemon
>> >> $kill -9 <git daemon pids>
>> > So you mean if you kill -9 the git-daemon and then `sv start` it, it
>> > logs the above message to syslog (that it can't bind to a socket)?
>> If I kill it, I don't even need to `sv start` it. The system will
>> persist in getting it up again.
> Presumably, that is the expected behaviour of runit, which
> git-daemon-run uses.
>> > And then you can see it working (`netstat -ntlp`) but can't clone even
>> > though it appears to listen?
>> Yes. It appears to be listening properly. Here's the output of
>> `netstat -ntlp | grep git`:
>> tcp 0 0* LISTEN 23528/git-daemon
>> tcp6 0 0 :::9418 :::* LISTEN 23528/git-daemon
> Hmm, so it listens.
> Now what is the error git on a client machine shows you when you're
> trying to clone?

$ git clone -v git://cei.inf.ufpr.br/bcc.git
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/bcc/vam06/temp/bcc/.git/
cei.inf.ufpr.br[0:]: errno=Connection timed out
cei.inf.ufpr.br[0: 2801:82:80ff:c:216:3eff:fecc:bc]: errno=Network is
fatal: unable to connect a socket (Network is unreachable)

> May it be that the repo you're trying to clone is not located in a
> directory git-daemon expects it to be located in?

I got this line into `/etc/service/git-daemon/run`:
$(git --exec-path)"/git-daemon --verbose --base-path=/var/cache/git
--detach --syslog --reuseaddr --export-all

And the repo is into `/var/cache/git`.

> Or that the credentials possessed by the running git-daemon instance are
> insufficient to access the said repository?

runit uses a `gitdaemon` user to run the service. I got the repo user
and group set as it.

$ps aux | grep git
105 23528 0.0 0.0 8780 568 ? Ss Jun18 0:00
/usr/lib/git-core/git-daemon --verbose --base-path=/var/cache/git
--detach --syslog --reuseaddr --export-all

$ls -l /var/cache/git
drwxr-xr-x 7 gitdaemon Debian-exim 4096 Jun 21 08:19 bcc.git

> Or did you forget to `touch git-daemon-export-ok` file in that repo?

No. That is fine.

Well... I still have the problem.
Thanks by now.
Vinicius Massuchetto

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