Hello folks...

I was hoping that someone could help me out here.  I'm just starting
out with GIT and I'm trying to understand how to use branching as best
as possible.  I understand from the code perspective the benefits of
using branching for things like feature releases, version releases,

My question is more about what you do with the environment when you

So for example, let's say I'm a one man developer (to keep it simple)
for a drupal site (or any website with a db really).  I do the normal
repo setup, clone it on my local desktop and begin happily coding and

*Already I have a question... do most of you setup a local version of
Drupal (or whatever it is) running on your desktop with a local
version of the database as well?  Or do you push up to the server and
hope that what you built works and if it doesn't you reverse the push
(my usage of these terms aren't perfect so please excuse me)?*

Ok.. moving on with the idea... now assuming everything is going fine
but now I need to build a very complex feature but need to also
continue with normal maintenance/patches.  So now I create a branch to
work on.

And here is where I'm stuck... from a file system perspective I can
see this working fine... but regardless if I setup a local version of
my site or just use the remote version for testing my work, what
happens to the DB when you start working on the feature?  What if work
for your feature requires some changes to the DB... what if those
changes affect the master branch?  Do you now create multiple DB for
each branch?  I think you see where I'm going...

I very stuck here in terms of what best practices are... I know that
in systems like WP or Drupal where you shouldn't be touching the core
code/db and should only be creating plug-ins/modules that you may not
affect the site as a whole when developing your little piece... but
what happens to the db?  More than likely it won't change either
but... ???

Can anyone shed some light here on this for me please?

Thank you!

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