Hi Thorsten,

Regarding the bare repository:

In my experience, it is more handy to *push* from the git-svn clone than to 
clone it.

You can then arrange the branches in the bare repo as you want them to be, 
by only pushing the branches you wish to keep in the Git repository:

First initialize a bare repository:

> git init --bare src.git

Now, in the git-svn clone repo:

> git remote add bare ../src.git (or whereever it is)
> git push bare <branchname1>:<target-branchname1>
> git push bare <branchname2>:<target-branchname1>
and repeat till you've pushed over all the branches you want.

You can also push multipe branches using 
It depends on what you want the branches in the git repository to look 

Some people like having the branches look like normal git branches:

* trunk
* volkswagen
* audi

Other people like to emphasize that these branches come from subversion:

* master
* svn/trunk
* svn/volkswagen
* svn/audi

Git allows any convention you would like here, so you should decide what you 
want it to look like, and then we can help you out with the commands. See 
the examples section in the docs of git 
or google around for more examples.

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